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Great Latin Music



Dave Valentin


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Premier Latin Jazz Flautist


You can count the world's great jazz flautists on one hand: a lot of players double from saxophone, but few have the flute as their primary instrument.

From a New York Times interview with Dave Valentin, published June 3, 2011:

I started out as a percussionist in school. But I wanted to meet this girl, Irene, who was a flutist. She showed me a scale, and I played it immediately. Do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do. Without knowing nothing! So, I borrowed a flute, bought a Herbie Mann record and learned “Comin’ Home Baby.” Three weeks later, I went to her and played it. I knew I had her! She said, “I’ve been taking lessons for three years and you come in here in three weeks and play like that? Don’t ever talk to me again!” I lost the girl, but kept the flute.

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