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Moliendo Café

Perez Prado


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Latin hit across the globe


From Wikipedia:

"Moliendo Café" is a song by Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco. It was composed in 1958, when Blanco was 18 years old. Blanco's version hit #1 in Argentina and Japan in 1961.

The story goes that Blanco's uncle, Jose Manzo Perroni, helped him compose it. In later years, Perroni claimed that he created the melody and sued his nephew.

The first recording of "Moliendo Café" was made by Mario Suárez. Many consider Cuban singer Xiomara Alfaro's version to be the definitive Spanish language version.[

At present, the song has more than 800 versions in many languages. In Japan, the song's title was "Coffe Rumba". In Indonesia, the song's title was Kopi Dangdut and was a mega hit song of 1991 in Indonesia.

This version is by Cuban bandleader Perez Prado, known as "King of the Mambo."

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