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La Bamba

Los Lobos


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Live on the 1988 Grammy Awards


Los Lobos had a huge hit in 1987 covering Ritchie Valen's version of the traditional song "La Bamba"--the title track of the movie soundtrack.

The members of Los Lobos come from East L.A. They successfully fused popular rock music with the Mexican music they grew up with.

La Bamba is a traditional Mexican song from Veracruz. From Wikipedia:

La Bamba is a classic example of the Son Jarocho musical style which originated in the Mexican state of Veracruz and combines Spanish, indigenous, and African musical elements.

Lyrics to the song vary greatly, as performers often improvise verses while performing. The traditional aspect of "La Bamba" lies in the tune itself, which remains almost the same through most versions. The name of the dance, which has no direct English translation, is presumably connected with the Spanish verb bambolear, meaning "to shake" or perhaps "to stomp."

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