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Llegó El Sabor

Oscar D'Leon & Jose Alberto "El Canario"


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The devil and the canary


Two virtuoso salsa singers swap licks in this great performance.

Venezuelan Oscar D'Leon, "El diablo de la Salsa," is one of the most successful singers of Caribbean music worldwide. In 1982 he visited Cuba. His visit was a major cultural event in the island country. Since local tastes in music had veered away from the traditional sounds of Cuban music (in part because many of the major Cuban stars of the past had either passed away or were living elsewhere in exile), D'León's "retro" style of music became very popular among Cubans of all ages.

Jose Alberto "El Canario" was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico. He became a major Latin star after the release of his 1984 debut "Noches Calientes." His 1991 album "Dance With Me" established a new style of salsa called salsa romántica.

His voice is widely adored by his fans, and his exceptional whistling abilities--being able to improvise as if he were playing a traverse flute--led them to give him the nickname El Canario (The Canary).

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